The Lifeboat Association helps at sea

Rescuing human lives is the most important task of the Helsinki Lifeboat Association (HLBA). Luckily sailors seldom get into life threatening danger, minor damages happen more often. Groundings, engine failures and propeller- and rigdamages are situations when our help is needed. Searches caused by distress signals and lost pleasure-crafts are important parts of our work. We also carry out urgent medical transports and in case of fire in the archipelago, we co-operate with the voluntary fire-brigade.

Rautauoma and Mikrolog 3

HLBA has two lifeboats of aluminium stationed in Matosaari (Worm Island) in southern Helsinki. We co-operate with the Coast Guard. Lifeboat Nihti (Knight) was delivered in september 1999 and has a l.o.a. of 8.7 metres. Our new lifeboat Rautauoma was delivered in May 2007 . Both Rautuoma and Nihti are equiped for demanding SAR- and first aid missions. At sea, they are reached by VHF on channel 16. The entire crew is voluntary. Except for coxswains and lifeboatmen we also need divers, especially for extricateing boats from nets and lines.The crew is continously trained.

Welcome to join us!

HLBA was founded in 1961 as a local association of the Finnish Lifeboat Society (FLBS). Because of cut resourses in the Coast Guard, the importance of our help has been further increased. Our main income are donations and membership fees. We wish boat-people and yachting clubs to join the local Lifeboat Association to guarantee the voluntary SAR service. As a member you also have the possibility to join the active work, a giving and an interesting hobby.

Emergency instruction

Distress calls to the Maritime Rescue Centre
via VHF ch 16 / VHF-DSC 70
by telephone +358 294 1000 (international) or 0294 1000 (national)

  1. Tell your (ship's) name and contact information
  2. Tell your position
  3. Tell what has happened
  4. How many people are in danger, how many are injured?
  5. Tell what kind of help is needed
  6. Do not hang up before you get premission to do so


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